Welcome to Unerror


yo, there’s forums now







You realize that we’re all old as fuck now, right?



Yes we are, its pretty crazy actually that we all still hang around the same place like 15+ years later


Look at you, enmand, all grown up and shit.


Holy moly, @albn! Come visit us on IRC… we’re still where we always were: irc.unerror.com. Some people use https://kiwiirc.com/ as a web client.


I said hello to Striek. Maybe I will visit you guys in another ten years. I had reservations returning. lol



Holy shit, it wasn’t but a few weeks ago we were wondering how you were doing and where life had taken you (I think I had stumbled upon some old backup with n3kr00 stuff or some other project of yours). I am genuinely glad to hear from you dude and hope things are going well.


Ahhhh, the days of 20,000 projects that never were realized.

Good times.


@albn please come back and love us!


Only if you let me play with your nuts and bolt.


Anytime baby, let me get the WD40 out!

How is life treating you? IRC welcomes you back with open arms!