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When did this thing get turned back on?

Under the bucket 17 May 2015
I was just fucking around and found out the forums are back, when the hell did this happen?
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Under the bucket 02 May 2014
So I just typed in Unerror.com as I have done from time to time over the past bazillion years and this time....theres a fucking forum here. Why was I not made aware of this sooner? Anywho...WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!
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Under the bucket 01 May 2014
Has anybody else noticed it seems to be much faster after upgrading to v 29?  Its the only non-IE browser they allow at work so I use it as much as possible and since the last update its gotten much nicer.
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Well shit

Under the bucket 29 Apr 2014
No longer being able to use IRC from the work computer really does put a hamper on entertainment on slow days.
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DrCheese quotes

Under the bucket 03 Jan 2014
18:52 < sysop_fb> alcoholic cat lady is here 18:53 < DrCheese> wat 18:53 < DrCheese> I'm not an alcoholic  
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