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DrCheese quotes

Under the bucket 03 Jan 2014
18:52 < sysop_fb> alcoholic cat lady is here 18:53 < DrCheese> wat 18:53 < DrCheese> I'm not an alcoholic  
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Unerror Down!

Under the bucket 25 Oct 2013
Damnit cannuck, fix the server!!!!
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CTF anyone?

Under the bucket 21 Oct 2013
Serioulsy, an UnError CTF team?   Would that not be awesome?
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Work-place stupid

Under the bucket 14 Oct 2013
So, whats the dumbest shit you have seen in the workplace lately?
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Rockho Quotes

Under the bucket 27 Sep 2013
Is proud to present a working presentation entitled The Many Facets of The Krok featuring irc-renowed krok connoisseur rockho!   21:39 < rockho> yeah 21:39 < rockho> I shit myself 21:39 < rockho> wow
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